Skylights in Wilmington, OH

Skylights in Wilmington, Ohio

Wilmington, Ohio Skylight Services

You should never compromise when it comes to a skylight installation in Wilmington, Ohio. Whether it’s repairs or an entire skylight replacement, the smallest mistake can result in several issues down the line. This is why you’ll want to find a dependable roofing contractor in Wilmington to take care of the job for you.

Our team at West Chester Roofing can handle any skylight project for you. Additionally, we only install the best products: Velux skylights. So contact us today by calling our dedicated team members!

Skylight Options

  • Electric venting skylight: An overhead skylight that opens and closes automatically whenever rainfall is detected. Operated by remote.
  • Manual venting skylight: A skylight that’s placed overheard; requires manual operation to open and close it.
  • Fixed skylight: This skylight doesn’t open or close, specifically designed for already well-ventilated areas.
  • Roof windows: These windows are generally meant for above-garage spaces or attics, but if you’d like a roof window elsewhere, give our team a call today for a free consultation!
  • Velux SUN TUNNEL™: Velux sun tunnels are a great addition to smaller areas where the sun tunnel on hand must be at least 4 feet.

Skylight Accessories

Want a little more from your new skylight? Well, maybe you should consider adding a few accessories to your new home addition. For example, West Chester Roofing carries blinds, shades, remotes, and wall-mounted keypads. Give us a call today if you’d like to install a brand new accessory for your skylight!

Why Choose West Chester Roofing?

When it comes to skylight repairs in Wilmington, Ohio, we at West Chester Roofing have you covered. It doesn’t end there, we also specialize in skylight replacement, roof repair, roof replacement, siding installation, gutter installation, and so much more! We offer these services all across Butler County.

So next time you notice a roof leak, a leaky skylight, or simply want to undertake a new home improvement project, then give us a call! Our roofers use only the best and latest materials, so we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work.